The 2014-2015 Concert Series of The Friends of Music has come to a close. We have been very proud to continue our tradition of presenting world-class music to our friends and neighbors!


14 May 2015

Dear Music Lover:

I am writing to let you know about some changes that will take place in the structure and mission of Friends of Music beginning in the fall of 2015. After discussions between FOM and Shepherd University spanning several months, the University has decided that it will no longer rely on FOM to spearhead fundraising for the Shepherd Department of Music. Shepherd will undertake its own fundraising through the Shepherd University Foundation and the University Advancement Department.

FOM will continue to pursue the mission of promoting musical excellence in our community through the presentation of first-class musical performances. In particular, we will continue presenting the Two Rivers Chamber Orchestra.The Guest Artist series, involving concerts presented by traveling performers and groups, has been a part of our fundraising activities for Shepherd and will not be continued by FOM.

Our Music Director, Jed Gaylin, will be back for another season consisting of two or three concerts. These are in the planning stages now. We are committed to making your experience with the Two Rivers Chamber Orchestra easy, fun and satisfying in every way. You will still be able to reach us by telephone and online and you will be able to purchase tickets online. We hope to continue using the Frank Performing Arts Center for performances, but this will depend on the availability of dates and other matters that have not yet been decided. The Orchestra may also perform elsewhere.

All arts groups in America have faced some financial challenges in the last few years. While many orchestra groups have folded, we continue to operate. But it is no exaggeration to say that our continued health depends on you. Mounting a first-class orchestra performance is expensive, so we who love classical chamber music and want to hear it performed live must be willing to support it financially. FOM supplements ticket revenue, which makes up only 30% of the cost of a performance, with individual and business contributions. Many of you have responded to our yearly appeals with generosity. Please continue this generosity when you hear from us again.

Those of you who are interested in supporting the Shepherd University Music Department should contact the Shepherd University Foundation.

Warmest regards,

Barkus and Ergin

Dr. Jim Walker


Friends of Music Board of Directors


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